A picture of Regal Theatre.

Building a theatre brick by brick... kind of

How we got started

Overnight Theatre began on a whim, as something fun to do one week while everyone was bored at home during the initial quarantine for the coronavirus pandemic. Jake Lane had seen a few videos of celebrities doing 24 hour monologues online, and after sharing with Lana Stringer, they knew it would be an amazing way to sharpen their craft as writers and performers, especially during a time in which that was seemingly impossible. The only thing left to do was to recruit a bunch of people to help them pull it off, and luckily, everyone was just as excited about this concept as they were. With the help of Steven Day to edit and bring in new artists, the three were left with an aspiring virtual theatre that incorporated artists from many different disciplines and backgrounds in order to create one cultural haven in a time of unrest.

What we do now

Overnight Theatre is now an organized community of artists who successfully tell stories that need to be heard. Though it is not a traditional brick-and-mortar theatre, its participants are connected, cooperative, and creative with one another. Despite and maybe even because of the restrictions that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on artists, Overnight Theatre has found a home not only as a temporary replacement for live theatre, but as an innovative addition to the scope of the theatre world.

What's to come

In collaboration with Samford University's APO, Overnight Theatre has the plans and potential to grow to explore new venues, artists, techniques, and direction. If you are interested in editing, directing, acting, writing, or otherwise assisting production for Overnight Theatre, please feel free to contact us. We would love to have you!